Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to Earn money with Google

Search engine giant Google comes to mind first whenever you think of searching for something online. "Google It" is the common expression to search something online. Google servers handle billions of search queries on daily basis which literally means millions of people searching on google with billions of search queries.
Now only there was a way to get even a small percent of this Google traffic and earn money with google. Okay, here`s what you can do. Lets say I have a money making website which teaches how to make money online. So everytime someone searches for keywords which i have embedded in my website code and if my website has high ranking with lots of backlinks then chances are that my website will come up in search ranking of google and higher the link position then higher the chances of it being clicked which means lots of organic traffic. 

Now what is organic traffic. The search enging traffic is called organic traffic in broad sense. Primarily the traffic which doesnt come from anylink on website or social network but comes directly from search engine is organic traffic. 

And this is how to monetize this traffic. Google offers google adsense. Adsense is code snippets which you put on your website which displays ads on your website/blog as per page content. That is the smartness of google. So when someone likes the ads displayed and clicks it then you get paid. The amount you get paid is decided by Google. If CTR is high then you get paid more. CTR is click through rate. For example, if ad is for quick weight loss and some person clicks on the ad and ends up buying it then CTR is highest. 

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