Saturday, December 17, 2016

I was broke once - want to know me closely ?

So the first post is about how much broke I was a few years back. I had my credit card bills to pay. No saving except a humble sum of my provident fund. I had huge rent to pay. Another big expenses lined up next month like Policy premium payouts and school fees and all.

How was I supposed to pay this never ending debt and come out of it ?

Well, I relied on my instincts, skills and have faith in God and myself.

I attended Neil Patel webinar one night and felt excited to apply his techniques to make money online.

You know its not difficult to make easy money online . Only I had taken it seriously and not given it much time which should have been given at the right time which was about 5 years back.

Anyways, no good complaining so there I was ready to give last shot of my life to my claim to the wealth in the Universe. The wealth of knowledge, love, money and ideas!

Stay with me and see my journey to the riches and freedom.