Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This Is How Young People Can Get Rich - Daily tools

Smartphones are the new markets. Everything is personal now. Business, apps, data, information. everything. Thanks to Google Android, the world has changed for good. Opportunists are looting it like never before for business. They get to know what is good for what customer and can offer him that without asking any questions or pres-sales surveying. You see, getting rich online is easy now.

Gone are the days when double chinned, thick rimmed glasses were the internet dotcom billionaires. I think, Sean Parker, he must be mentioned here as he broke the mould and started the trend of starting young.

Then followed hugely successful Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and showed the way to many young people through the Silicon Valley.

1. Networking is must


Networking can make or lack of it can make or break any business. Its a must to be good with people. So when the need comes then you have some contact in the right place to help you out. Better to network with people with common goal that way you can scratch their back and they can scratch yours.

Social networking is so easy nowadays and must for every business. There might be people out there in your social network contact list who know you by your screen name or username and not personally. Even they are important for networking. Who knows which contact might help you out when and with which crucial thing. Don’t burn any bridges and keep in touch with your classmates, previous and current co-workers.

2. Save and Invest

That time is long gone when we saved buck on buck in our account for a long time to get paltry interest on it. Now, trend is to save and invest. Young people might not be having a lot to save but saving compounded can do wonders and has a lot of weightage when invested.
Invest in a website, website hosting and earn huge money. For a blog to flourish and start making enough money does not take much time. For 6 months if you are writing original content what you are passionate about then you can maintain a good viewership whom you can convert to loyal customers over and over again but only if they trust your content. I tell you investing in a blog or a website does not even take that much of money.

3. Say no to consumerism

Consumerism is today`s bubonic plague. In bigger sense, if you want to save this planet then consumerism has to be curbed. Like some wise person, if it ain`t broke then why fix it. If you do not want something then why buy it, rent it, lease it, why even think about it.

Think about your goal of making it big in the world of internet. It`s a huge world much much bigger than our physical world but scams and frauds much like in real life. There are many schemes out there to make you rich online fast and quick. There is no get rich quick scheme.

There is no automation, no piece of code, no software which can fulfill your wishes like a genie in a lamp. To make money you need to be passionate about something in this world. Everyone is passionate about something or about someone and one is willing to write about that on daily basis which might add valuable info about that subject then there`s a way right there to the riches.

Do not splurge on cosmetics, clothes, shoes or for gods sake that iphone unnecessarily.

If you do not need it, then do not buy it!!

4. Research on the people who made it


Best thing about success is ..what ? It can be copied. The thing which leads someone to riches will lead you to riches also. Ofcourse luck plays its part but not so much if one is too much after success rather than failure. If you are the part of the problem then you are missing out on the solution.

If you read about people who have made it big, their ideology, thought patterns then you might strike gold early on which will give you headstart to spearhead the race to riches.

Successful people when interviewed extensively and correctly drop massive success tips. So read between the lines and interpret the subtle meaning of their conversation. Who knows you might come out with a multi million dollar idea overnight. Copy their persona and think in their shoes.

World is full of successful people who are known and unknown failures. So research on your fav celebs, entrepreneurs, industrialists, politicians, bigshots who have made to the elite club.

5. Choose your career wisely

There is an aptitude for at-least one thing everyone is born with. Everyone has one skill at-least which makes him unique, sets him apart. So rather wasting time and money somewhere else you sharpen your own blade. Hone your skills. If its your lovely voice then rehearse and polish it till you are ready to make it big. Important thing to note here is that do not start prematurely. Means do not start when you are not ready. When you are ready for it then go for it with full swing and win.

One has to be mentally and emotionally receptive to achieve success. Know your strengths and more importantly know your down sides so you can work on them. Go for the right career and once you have decided after the hiatus then stick to it no matter what. Ups and downs, losers are clowns.

Stick to it and get ready to welcome riches in your life. In fact, money is the by-product. If you truly and deeply love something and want so badly for other people to know your love for it then fame follows. Money is just a by-product. Remember !!

6. Make definite goals 


A friend of mine had a startup and right from the start he had set definite goals for himself that he will make a million dollars in first 6 months in his bank account. And I thought he was kiddding but when I saw his dedication for his goal then I he knew he would make it. His was a travel startup and just a little more than 5 months he had made it and revealed this to me on a dinner.

How did he do it ? How did he make million dollars in such a short time ?

In his own words, he was almost always to the grindstone till the time his goal was not achieved. That friend later on diversified business into internet business firm and shot to fame and fortune.

My link to understand his massive success is that he was not willing to let go of his first million dollars and kept on chasing it till he got it.

"Success comes to those who dare to dream and act on it."

7. Fortune in the web

The future is online. Marketing giants are much more focussed on mobile marketing platforms alongwith other conventional channels. Why ? Because mobile is personal. And internet is the easiest way to become personal with your clients/prospects.

Makes it easier for companies to break the ice and know each other well. Customers can install an app or visit online portal and check what the company has to offer and in return customers might share their preferences, tastes, likings for stuff they like and this multiplied many million times gives a huge data base to companies to sell their products and services.

So if you have flair for writing and have been waiting all along to write that first blog entry then do it sooner than later. Anyways if you do it later then you miss the money which you would have made earlier.

My experience is that people think too much that they would fail or what if people read it and do not find it interesting and useless thoughts like that. What I suggest is that you write first and let others decide for themselves. of-course nothing winds hands down and nobody is perfect. So throw others opinions out of the window and think about the only thing you are passionate about and focus on the content and the success of it. Make money online the easy way with your blog and websites.